Monday, March 31, 2008


Webster dictionary defines hospitality as, " hospitable treatment, reception or disposition". We at Henry's, take a very serious approach to our level of hospitality. A costumers perception of how they are treated is as important to the success or failure of that restaurant as the food it is serving. That's why the staff at Henry's is 100% committed to giving our guests the best dining experience possible.

The smile at the host stand, the attentiveness of the servers, the courteous nature of our bussers, and the managerial table visits is what Henry's prides itself on, which is to be the best restaurant you've been to in a long time. While we feel we excel in many areas, Henry's is never satisfied. We take great care to listen to your ideas on how serve you better. Next time you visit with us, please fill out our, " data information card", on your table, These cards are a precious tool in allowing you to get your comments and concerns across to us, as well as enable you to receive free promotional discounts on food and wine.

Thank you form the Henry's staff
See you soon

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