Monday, June 28, 2010

Bogart's Bar & Grille Readies for TWILIGHT Fans!

Get ready Twilight fans: Eclipse is out in less than 48-Hours!

This is THE WEEK for Eclipse to come out. Cinemark Palace 20 is THE place the come out to see the movie and Bogart's Bar & Grille is THE place to enjoy lunch, dinner or anything in-between. Or just come out for cocktails before or after the movie!

Bogart's will feature some great specials and themed drinks so this is THE place to come. Go to the Bogart's website at or call (561) 395-4695 to make dinner and movie reservations.

You've already heard a review or two about The Twilight Saga: Eclipse and most of the reviews are positive! 
Variety stated that "this time around . . . the result finally feels more like the blockbuster this top-earning franchise deserves" and that the film "feels the most cinematic of the series so far." The sentiment given byVariety's review can be summed up with their statement that the film has "a more dynamic energy."
The Hollywood Reporter found that Eclipse stands out from Twilight and The Twilight Saga: New Moon because it "finally nails just the right tone" and "moves confidently into the heart of the matter -- a love triangle that causes a young woman to realize choices lead to consequences that cannot be reversed."
 Twilight fans well know how important and influential (that is, not so much) these opinions are - it's the fan perspective that really matters. The good news is that such Twilight fan opinions are trickling out from the Eclipse premiere screening as well, and those reviews are glowing!
The LA Times featured a few, including statements like "[Eclipse] was 100% better than the other two" and "It was amazing. It was fantastic. It was everything I wanted it to be. It was ... perfect."
With less than forty-eight hours to go until the film's release, this news is certainly something to smile about!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Bogart's Bar & Grille Reservations at

Great news! 
Bogart's now is on OPEN TABLE so you can easily make reservations right on your computer or smart phone. Log on to today and make all of your 
Bogart's Bar & Grille reservations today.