Monday, January 28, 2008

Bogart's Bar & Grille Crispy Fried Chicken

By Chuck

How about enjoying some of the best Fried Chicken while enjoying a first run movie in comfortable assigned seating. Just step up to the concession stands located upstairs at Bogarts Bar and Grille on the Premier level at Muvico Palace 20 in Boca Raton. Bogarts uses a Henny Penny pressure fryer the advantages of pressure frying are clear: controlled low pressure allows faster cooking at lower temperatures. This not only saves energy and shortening, but helps seal in the food’s moisture and natural juices for a healthier, better-tasting product. Henny Penny first introduced commercial pressure frying over forty years ago. A half chicken served with seasoned French fries and house made coleslaw. How about a half bottle of wine or a domestic or imported beer to go with your meal it’s all available at the concession stand for you to enjoy while watching your movie on the big screen. “Here’s dining with you kid”

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