Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Snowbirds… Welcome Back!

Those familiar faces that have become part of Henry’s family have returned. It’s like a big family reunion has been planned and the party has begun.

Since last year our immediate family has grown. Freddie Ortiz is the new executive chef, and he has 3 great sous chefs working with him this season. We have expanded the menu, adding more appetizers and small plate offerings. And of course we still offer Henry’s favorite dishes, like chicken pot pie, short ribs and chicken milano.

Scott, Blaine and Amy will be your hosts for the party. Troy, Marni and Eric are still mixing your favorite martinis and we have many new faces to guide you through your dining experience too.

The patio has been enlarged! New umbrellas will be added so for the first time you will be able to have lunch outside. In the evening soft music and the great ambiance will make the patio the best place to enjoy a great meal and bottle of Burt’s Cuvee.

Remember we accept reservations for party sizes of 2-10. Give us a call at 561-638-1949 to make your reservations.

Welcome back !

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