Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Celebrate July 4th at Bogart'a Bar & Grille. Will it be fireworks or Hancock?

Our great debate this week at Bogart’s Bar and Grille, is whether Hancock the Movie or celebratory fireworks are going to be the “Big Bang” this upcoming Fourth of July. The debate began when our staff started discussing Hancock weekend and if more South Floridians prefer to be inside the cool air conditioned theater dining on our sliders, onion crusted snapper or wasabi crusted tuna rather than baking outside, watching fireworks and praying that the rain will hold off for just one more hour.
As tradition has taught us, native Floridians are immune to the heat and stay outside enjoying the rain, storms and wet chairs, while the new generation of out of town Floridians now living here, flock to the malls, theaters and restaurants to seek refuge in the cooler climate. One thing however, remains the same, we as a population love to watch pretty colors light up the sky while grabbing on to a loved one going, “Wow, that one is the best so far.”
This year the management and staff of Bogart’s Bar and Grille invite you to try something new. While it’s raining outside come enjoy lunch, dinner or both while watching Hancock or any movie that grabs your fancy. Our food in unforgettable, our staff is eager to please and filled with personality, our bar is stocked with your preferred cocktail and your favorite dish is anxiously awaiting your arrival….
Happy Fourth of July, we look forward to spending it with you.

For dinner reservations, please call 561-544-3044 or log onto http://www.bogartsofboca.com/

Dara Schlomowitz

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